Customer Incentive Program Solutions that Drive Behavior, Not Costs

Your platform or ours, we can incorporate any incentive program directly into the checkout flow across any channel, across multiple checkout systems, and in full compliance with consumer confidentiality across multiple regions.

Merchants face tremendous challenges when it comes to synchronizing and integrating incentive programs within the checkout flow; especially in a multi-channel and multi-provider environment. It requires complex integrations that often become quickly out of date, costly and unwieldy as providers, compliance and legislation changes occur. Especially when the identifiers for incentives are linked to the payment method or the checkout function itself, this can pose serious challenges for organizations to work around.

By utilizing FreedomPay’s approach to Next Level Commerce™, merchants can take advantage of a platform that includes a richly complex, complete turn-key offering for traditional retail discounts, comprehensive and flexible loyalty programs, as well as a robust set of capabilities surrounding financing incentives (think preferred interest rates on purchases), all tied seamlessly into our powerful analytics and customer segmentation capabilities.

Further, if you have already invested into a loyalty or similar system, that’s OK too – we have APIs to extend that system directly into our platform and ecosystem. Then all your other partners and providers, across all channels, have a seamless, reliable and compliant way of accessing those incentives without dragging your organization into the long-tail management and costs of third-party integration and compliance.

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