Posted October 22, 2020 by Brigitta Pantelich

Elevating Contactless Payment with AI and Computer Vision


Sports fans know the feeling well. It’d be great to have another drink, but everyone else has the same idea. And if you go during the action, you’ll miss something important.

What if the cashier was rolling through more than two transactions a minute? What if, in this era in which other humans can pose a risk, there was no cashier at all?

That’s what Mashgin has made a reality with its checkout system, which combines AI and computer vision to create not only a contactless payment system, but one that immediately notes what is part of an order.

It’s worked like a charm for many clients, said Jack Hogan, Mashgin’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, with the Denver Broncos among the satisfied customers.

“We raised the amount of money they made in the same exact square footage by 40% by implementing our machines,” Hogan said. “That comes from people being able to get up and get their beer and get their chips and get back to their seat in record time.

“Normally, football fans would just stay in their seats and wait for the quarter break or wait for the halftime break because the line is so long you’re going to miss a bunch of plays. If you know you’re going to run up there and knock out your transaction in say 30, 40 seconds and get back to your seat? We’re seeing fans repeat as customers during the same game.”

While the company already was chatting with innovative convenience store chains before the outbreak of COVID-19, the emphasis on speedy checkout with contact discouraged has made the technology even more relevant.

“We hadn’t really gone after your, say, top 10 c-store chains, but as COVID kicked off, we were able to quickly get in with some of those larger retailers, and we have many, many machines launched in the field,” Hogan said.

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