Posted March 07, 2022 by FreedomPay

Next Level Commerce™: What FreedomPay Can Offer Through Business Intelligence


The momentous international boom in eCommerce and contactless card-present payment transactions over the past two years has heightened merchants’ need for a secure, global, centralized payment gateway.

FreedomPay’s centralized and consolidated payment gateway positions them as a near real-time data source across all channels and verticals for large enterprise clients.

Clients expect a streamlined payment process. Tailored customer experiences enhance satisfaction and boost long-term brand loyalty. Merchants can access valuable customer data through FreedomPay’s Business Intelligence tool, used by major organizations across retail, hospitality, F&B, and gaming.

David Knowlton, CTO at FreedomPay joins host Lukas Cox to discuss what sets FreedomPay apart from their competitors. Knowlton’s 25-plus years of experience in FinTech spans business intelligence, data modeling, systems integration, alternative payments, Value Added Services (VAS), and more.

According to Knowlton, “What makes FreedomPay unique is that we offer middleware SDKs and software to easily integrate the Point of Sale (POS) systems”.

Knowlton discusses how FreedomPay’s partnerships with global merchants to facilitate an increased volume of transactions and improve customer journeys. He states that “hundreds and hundreds of merchants” utilize their software systems in ways that go beyond safe and straightforward credit card transactions or payments using their digital wallet, to enabling customers to earn and redeem loyalty points or programs across multiple engagement points: online, in store, via app, or at a kiosk.

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