Posted March 10, 2021 by FreedomPay

Staying Up On Fraud Prevention Through Pandemic-Inspired Innovation


On this episode of Next Level Commerce, a FreedomPay podcast, Kount Vice President and Senior Customer Experience Leader Rich Stuppy joins host Daniel Litwin to explore how COVID-19 has made retailers switch to long term innovations with the increase in fraud, new tactics fraudsters have developed, and how retailers need a robust solution for payment protection and protection against fraud risk and loss.

FreedomPay and Kount’s portfolio solution fully integrates Kount’s leading, AI-driven payments fraud prevention solution, Kount Command. Powered by the Identity Trust Global Network, Kount’s solution enables businesses to accept more orders while reducing false positives, reducing manual review rates and slashing chargebacks, ultimately delivering a genuinely superior customer experience. The partnership goes beyond payments fraud prevention and will also provide businesses access to Data on Demand, Kount’s private data warehouse. This enables businesses to have actionable customer insights and analytics in order to inform proactive initiatives and drive revenue. Customers will also have access to a variety of other unique Kount products and solutions, such as Near Real-Time Chargeback Prevention and Professional and Managed Services.