Posted October 13, 2016 by 20nine

FreedomPay Announces Oracle Payment Interface (OPI) Support for OPERA and MICROS Products

First validated P2PE solution including support for EMV, NFC, Pay-at-Table and more

RADNOR, PA – October 13, 2016 – FreedomPay, the leader in secure payment technology for stadiums, food service, restaurants, gaming, lodging and retail merchants, announces the immediate availability of EMV integration for the OPERA property management system. The FreedomPay Commerce Platform solution for OPERA allows rapid deployment of EMV-enabled payment terminals with the highest standard of payment security delivered through PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE).  The solution currently secures one of the world’s largest lodging companies, and has been approved for general availability, in conjunction with FreedomPay’s existing support for MICROS’ food and beverage suite of products.

FreedomPay’s Commerce Platform is certified for EMV with all the major payment processors, providing Oracle Hospitality customers a turn-key solution for reducing the risk of card present fraudulent purchases. The FreedomPay EMV solution for OPERA is coupled with digital signature capture, and PCI-validated P2PE plus tokenization to deliver the strongest payment security available in the industry by ensuring that sensitive cardholder data is completely encrypted and replaced with surrogate values. By integrating with FreedomPay’s Commerce Platform, Oracle Hospitality customers no longer need to manage their own EMV certifications, while gaining additional cost savings from reduced PCI DSS compliance requirements and documentation.

“FreedomPay’s team has worked closely with Oracle Hospitality over the past several months to deliver a payment security solution that truly meets the needs of Oracle hotel and resort merchants and we are excited to launch our EMV solution for OPERA,” said Christopher Kronenthal, the chief technology officer at FreedomPay. “Our Commerce Platform will immediately help reduce fraud and chargebacks for merchants, and delivers a broad array of commerce solutions designed to solve the most complicated payment use cases.”

The FreedomPay Commerce Platform represents the simplest and most cost effective way for Oracle Hospitality customers to deploy a certified EMV solution with the added benefits of PCI-validated P2PE, NFC capabilities, Dynamic Currency Conversion, advertising management, card blacklisting and secure integration with online travel agents (OTAs). Complementing our comprehensive OPERA solution set, is North America’s first EMV-enabled Pay-at-Table solution with validated P2PE for food and beverage POS systems. FreedomPay offers a single platform that secures omni-channel payment environments and transforms the customer experience.

In addition to the OPERA property management system EMV solution, FreedomPay offers seamless integration with all the major Oracle Hospitality POS systems including 3700, 9700, Simphony 1.x and Simphony 2.x and Xstore providing global merchants the most advanced commerce solutions while delivering unparalleled payment security.

FreedomPay is an active member of the Oracle Partner Network and a Gold Sponsor at this year’s annual Oracle Hospitality Sales Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

About FreedomPay

The FreedomPay Commerce Platform is the best way for merchants to simplify complex payment environments. Validated by the PCI Security Standards Council for Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) along with EMV, NFC and DCC capabilities, global leaders in retail, hospitality, gaming, education, healthcare and financial services trust FreedomPay to deliver unmatched security and advanced value-added services. With broad omni-channel integrations across top point-of-sale, device manufacturers and payment processors, supported by rapid API adoption, FreedomPay is driving the future of commerce and customer interaction. For more information, go to corporate.freedompay.com.