Posted April 27, 2015 by 20nine

FreedomPay Adds New EMV-Ready Payment Terminals to payment solutions

New additions to FreedomPay’s listing on the PCI Security Standards Council website offer merchants form factors to solve for mobile, retail and unattended payment experiences


Radnor, PA – April 23, 2015 – FreedomPay Commerce Platform, North America’s first PCI Validated P2PE solution with EMV and NFC ready payment terminals, has enhanced its offering with a range of new secure devices for merchants that deliver operational superiority to solve for multiple payment use cases.  With solutions for retail, restaurant, lodging and e-commerce, FreedomPay delivers the industry’s most comprehensive P2PE solution that can address the diverse requirements of complex payment environments.

Newly approved payment devices from Ingenico Group include a range of solutions, such as the mobile iSMP and iCMP devices with Bluetooth connectivity and the iWL series, offering WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular connectivity for pay-at-table scenarios; the iSC480 with digital signature capture and multimedia touchscreen display; and unattended solutions including iUP250 and iUC180 with pin-pad and contactless payments for kiosk and self-service environments.

FreedomPay’s P2PE solution now offers the most complete set of hardware options approved by PCI to reduce the merchant’s scope for PCI DSS compliance.  The multi-functional FreedomPay Commerce Platform powers customer interaction with value added services for merchants like Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), fraud protection, and incentives and loyalty programs for consumers.


PCI Compliance Scope Reduction

By implementing a Validated P2PE solution, merchants enjoy the benefits of a reduced scope for annual PCI DSS compliance.  Because all sensitive cardholder data is encrypted at the point of interaction, the merchant’s point of sale system and network are exempted from the documentation required for PCI compliance.  The time, cost and complexity of vulnerability scans and penetration testing, as well as onerous self assessment questionnaires are substantially reduced with a Validated solution, offering merchants an easier path to PCI compliance.

For more, please visit the PCI Council website: https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/approved_companies_providers/validated_p2pe_solutions.php


Solving For Complex Payment Environments

With the availability of mobile, multi-lane retail and unattended devices in the Validated P2PE framework, FreedomPay is uniquely positioned to help large enterprises increase security and reduce compliance across their entire footprint.  FreedomPay offers merchants choice and flexibility, with fully integrated solutions with many of the leading POS providers, including Oracle|MICROS, Agilysys, Revel Systems, Digital Dining, Nextep Systems and others, as well as certifications with leading processors such as First Data, Heartland, Vantiv, Elavon, Chase, TSYS, and Global Payments.

“With the addition of new devices under the FreedomPay P2PE listing, merchants now have the breadth of coverage to handle payments across a wide range of use cases and payment scenarios,” said Chris Kronenthal, FreedomPay’s Chief Technology Officer.  “FreedomPay is working with leaders in hospitality, retail, food service and higher education to secure payment data and reduce scope for PCI compliance.”


About FreedomPay

The FreedomPay Commerce Platform helps merchants solve for complex payment environments.  With broad integrations across point-of-sale devices, payment processors and financial institutions, FreedomPay connects purchase activity with enterprise data in real-time to enable more successful customer interactions.  Validated by the PCI Security Standards council for Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), the FreedomPay Commerce Platform securely processes transaction data for global leaders in the retail, hospitality, healthcare, education and financial services sectors.  With innovative and expansive technologies built for real-time commerce, FreedomPay is helping organizations solve for complex payment environments and drive the future of commerce and customer interaction.