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FreedomPay Integrates Ingenico’s TETRA Platform to Drive Meaningful Customer Relationships

The partnership enables merchants across a variety of industries to create unique customer experiences that drive loyalty and increase revenue

Philadelphia, Pa. – June 7, 2019  FreedomPay, the global leader in secure commerce technology for lodging, retail, restaurants, stadiums and other hospitality merchants, announced the next evolution of its new partnership with Ingenico Group, the global leader in seamless payment. FreedomPay has integrated to Ingenico’s Telium TETRA payment solutions platform to create simple, secure, frictionless and unified shopping experiences for consumers while also supporting merchants with robust business intelligence (BI) and analytics capabilities.

Retailers that personalize shopping experiences for consumers see sales growth up to the three times the growth rate of competitors, according to new data from IHL Group. Focusing on the customer experience is important for merchants regardless of industry, but retailers and hospitality in particular need better visibility into their customers’ preferences so they can be flexible and adjust what they offer in real time. By pairing its platform with Ingenico’s Telium TETRA payment solutions, FreedomPay can customize front-end offerings to the needs of the consumer, while also using advanced back end BI and analytics to provide new value through features like real-time rewards.

“Retailers today must focus on the customer experience to truly reap the rewards of consumer loyalty for their businesses,” said Chris Kronenthal, president & CTO, FreedomPay. “Our platform offers retailers digital payment capabilities that, through our integration with Ingenico’s Telium TETRA platform, turn loyalty into a currency for merchants. Our partnership has created a world-class on-premise digital solution that is both simple and secure.”

Personalizing physical and online aspects of the customer experience is a current initiative for many merchants.  FreedomPay is leveraging Ingenico’s diverse range of Telium TETRA smart terminals with embedded capabilities that merchants specifically requested to create a collaborative, networked commerce solution. In-store, the combined solution allows customers looking to pay with traditional card methods or with mobile wallets including AliPay, WeChat, Apple Pay, Google Pay, in-browser, or in-app to pay how they want. FreedomPay’s platform can then also drive loyalty by pushing offers, rewards, and more to its customers’ mobile devices.

“Customers now more than ever are looking for personalized experiences wherever they shop and are demanding these experiences be unique, simple, and frictionless,” said Irfan Nasir, head of Solutions Development & Deployment, Ingenico Group. “Working with FreedomPay, we’re able to provide today’s retailers with the tools to create these personalized customer journeys, enriching their businesses with brand-loyal consumers and indispensable business intelligence.”

FreedomPay’s innovative, secure platform offers merchants the ability to capture and act on customer data, enabling strong analytics and actionable BI that drives further customer loyalty increases revenue. When paired with the TETRA line of smart terminals, merchants are able to create meaningful experiences anywhere they interact and transact, whether it’s in-lane, in aisle, at the counter at the table or in the field.

FreedomPay continues to lead the industry in offering innovative and secure ways to enable business intelligence that lead to more meaningful interactions with customers at the point of transaction. For more details on the FreedomPay platform, visit www.freedompay.com.

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FreedomPay, the industry’s first TransAtlantic payments solution, is driving the future of commerce and customer interaction. The FreedomPay Commerce Platform is the best way for merchants to simplify complex payment environments. FreedomPay is validated by the PCI Security Standards Council for Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), along with EMV, Tokenization, Contactless and DCC capabilities. Global leaders in retail, hospitality, gaming, education, healthcare and financial services trust FreedomPay to deliver unmatched security and advanced value added services. FreedomPay provides broad integrations across top point-of-sale, payment device manufacturers and payment processors, supported by rapid API adoption. For more information, please visit: www.freedompay.com

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Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING) is the global leader in seamless payment, providing smart, trusted and secure solutions to empower commerce across all channels, in-store, online and mobile. With the world’s largest payment acceptance network, we deliver secure payment solutions with a local, national and international scope. We are the trusted world-class partner for financial institutions and retailers, from small merchants to several of the world’s best-known global brands. Our solutions enable merchants to simplify payment and deliver their brand promise. Learn more at www.ingenico.com or twitter.com/Ingenico.

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