Posted April 29, 2009 by 20nine

FreedomPay Introduces FreeWay™ Flexible Processing

Gateway solutions that open platform and processing capabilities across disparate transaction environments

Newtown Square, PA, April 29, 2009 – Any corporation with multiple locations, whether organically grown, built through acquisition or a mixture of both understands the challenges of streamlining payments processing and reconciliation. If you want to consolidate to a single processor, you are beholden to specific point of sale hardware, middleware and application. Consolidated reporting across sites? Forget about it. Unless you have Walmart’s IT budget, developing a payments solution specific for your organization’s specific point of sale, reporting and network structure is nothing short of a pipe dream. So many retailers are left facing heady hardware investments or the daily grind of cobbling together hundreds of statements, operating systems, consumer data and more – not only paying too much, but missing business critical data and wading through mounds of paperwork just to gain some semblance of your actual costs.

But enough about the past.

FreedomPay today announced Flexible Processing, a revolutionary gateway service that allows disparate point of sale, locations and networks to link together seamlessly – optimizing processing relationships, leveraging existing hardware and – best of all – providing a single snapshot for multi-location retailers.

Flexible Processing is a package of processing solutions that enable the utmost in configurable and compliant payment services. This package includes:

FreeWay™: A powerful and configurable gateway enabling a variable myriad of transactions from multiple sources to multiple host services. FreeWay™ supports:

  • Credit/debit card processing
  • Stored value service processing
  • Voucher processing
  • Private label processing
  • Split-transactions with the FreedomPay extended protocol
  • Support of multiple processors
  • Habit changing loyalty and rewards transactions

Additional FreeWay™ Products Include:

  • CardSafe™: Advanced tokenization of cardholder information, enabling companies to securely manage members, subscriptions and repeat customers alleviating you of any PCI DSS compliance requirements.
  • Virtual Terminal: An API interface for secure and compliant transactions from a PC or PC-based point of sale, providing an additional layer of controls for companies wishing to process transaction and eliminating the ongoing need for hardware compliance updates.
  • Rollup/Drill-down Reporting: Consolidated reporting for all FreedomPay transactions, including multi-location credit card processing, cashless solutions, voucher and meal tracking solutions, and loyalty and rewards data providing a powerful comingling of business critical data. Even implement push/pull technologies for integration with your financial and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.
  • SKU and Department Level Data: For companies looking to truly understand their consumers, FreedomPay provides the ability to track, dissect and drive consumer behavior based on granular purchasing data through the implementation of the FreedomPay extended protocol. Flexible Processing is ideal for multi-location retailers, dealer and distributor networks that are looking to simplify the way they manage payments, centralized processing information, reduce costs and leverage advanced payments solutions.

“As companies expand, they often work to overcome extensive legacy systems and hardware while driving strategic payments solutions. CFOs and CIOs alike find this to be an onerous and cost prohibitive prospect,” stated Sam Bellamy, COO of FreedomPay. “With Flexible Processing, corporations gain access to enterprise level, custom payment solutions generally available only to the largest of corporations. Flexible Processing delivers the efficiencies of scale at an achievable cost for companies looking to drive better results with their transactions.”

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