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FreedomPay Launches Meal Tracker 2.0

The market leader in providing Meal Plan and Free Meal Programs for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

September 25, 2008 – FreedomPay, the leader of payment management solutions, today announced the launch of Meal Tracker 2.0, the next generation of meal plan and free meal management for hospitals and healthcare systems. Meal Tracker 2.0 is building on the success of the version 1.0, which has enabled hundreds of hospitals nationwide to simplify and streamline their resident, doctor and employee meal programs.

The majority of hospitals and healthcare systems provide free or discounted meal programs for physicians, Residents, medical students, volunteers, employees and service recovery. FreedomPay’s Meal Tracker program enables hospital and department administrators to electronically automate all meal program administration. Meal Tracker is a web-based, real-time solution that links funds or free meal credits to a FreedomPay tag or employee badge. With this solution, administrators have complete flexibility and control over the scheduling, delivery and reporting of meal programs.
Meal Tracker 2.0 provides hospitals and healthcare systems with:

  • Plug-and-play readers that allow Meal Tracker to seamlessly function with all major POS systems and software packages
  • Immediate and real-time reconciliation that enables clients to manage and control use to the minute
  • One-time use and reloadable cards, tags or integration with employee badges
  • Enhanced reporting and visibility
  • Increased program flexibility allowing for multiple new configurations of usage or fixed value-based meal programs
  • Advanced permissioning and hierarchy management, enabling any department to manage their own discrete meal programs and system-wide control
  • Improved scheduling that empower clients to tightly manage and control usage by shift, hours, days or any other cycle

“Meal Tracker saves our clients thousands of man hours and countless administrative headaches,” stated Andrea Waldin, VP Marketing for FreedomPay. “With Meal Tracker 2.0 we have incorporated countless client feedback and years of experience to deliver a best-of-breed meal management system. This is a tremendous convenience for employees who no longer need to worry about paper vouchers, a great operational improvement for food service operators and provides much needed simplicity and transparency to the hospital departments.”

Meal Tracker 2.0 is an easy and cost-effective solution that is a must-have for any hospital looking to improve the employee experience and streamline administration.
For more information on Meal Tracker 2.0 or any of FreedomPay’s payment management solutions, please call (866) 323-1869 or email businessdev@freedompay.com.

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Andrea Waldin
VP, Marketing