Posted November 25, 2008 by 20nine

FreedomPay Launches New Look and Product Lines

Leader in Payment Management Solutions Updates Brand, Website and Expands Product Offerings

November 25, 2008 – FreedomPay, the leader in payment management solutions, today announced an extensive re-branding initiative which includes product line expansion, new product introduction and an updated corporate mission, “Payments without limits™”. FreedomPay’s unparalleled ability to drive payments innovation for clients enables them to drastically reduce operating costs, eliminate operational inefficiencies and improve revenue opportunities – all mission-critical objectives in today’s tumultuous economic environment.

FreedomPay’s new product categories have grown from client demand and market innovation. Leveraging expansive stored-value technology and innovative cashless solutions, FreedomPay extends their offerings beyond cashless and meal tracking offerings. In addition to their core offerings, FreedomPay now provides comprehensive POS sales, support and service and Custom Transaction Solutions. FreedomPay’s Custom Transaction Solutions expand their creative and flexible approach to transaction management, turning transactions into cost-effective, meaningful events allowing clients to truly experience ‘Payments without limits’. FreedomPay has renamed and expanded their core cashless solution – with the new brand of Free toGO™. This product suite now includes cashless payments for account holders, as well as Instant Cash Cards (Free toGO Express) and Employee Recognition and Rewards (Way toGO™).

“Every day clients ask for unique ways to deliver client experiences and reduce costs,” stated Theresa Wabler, Vice President of Marketing, FreedomPay. “FreedomPay has evolved from a cashless solution provider to a sophisticated payments company that addresses payment problems and costs with leading-edge technological innovation. We are excited to launch the next chapter of FreedomPay – expanding market opportunity and delivering critical solutions to our clients around the globe.”

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Andrea Waldin
VP, Marketing