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FreedomPay opens world’s most flexible Payment Gateway to independent developers

FreedomPay announced that it has enabled independent software developers to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively create new software applications. Find out how the world’s most flexible payment gateway provider can help independent developer enable simple and secure credit card processing. 

RADNOR, PA, April 6, 2011 – Today FreedomPay announced that it has enabled independent software developers to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively create new software applications that interface with FreeWay™, its Software as a Service (SaaS) payment and transaction gateway.

FreeWay™ is currently used by more than 1,000 clients including more than two dozen US Federal Agencies as well as a who’s who of leading corporations in finance, media, pharmaceuticals, publishing, and manufacturing, as well as many of the elite healthcare teaching institutions in North America.

By providing an open XML-based Application Programming Interface (API) as well as a developers’ toolkit, FreedomPay extends the benefits of Level 4 data and greatly simplified PCI DSS interface for satisfying credit card processing security.

Sam Bellamy, Chief Innovation Officer of FreedomPay, says, “Developers of point of sale and dealer management systems now have a credit card security toolkit that addresses a significant portion of the PCI DSS requirements. Web service calls for FreeWay™ to empower their applications with unsurpassed capabilities and protection against obsolescence.”

Bellamy adds, “Since introducing Level 4 data last summer, we’ve seen firsthand the benefits of this valuable business information in helping our clients harness the power of customer transactions to drive higher level business decision-making. Now, developers can build independent applications to tap into this powerful flexibility and extend customized benefits to consumers and merchants alike.”

Level 4 data includes specific details about the product sold, which is collected right at the point of sale. Data such as manufacturer, make, model, model year, part number, serial number, stock-keeping unit, promotional, or loyalty reward. The data can be used to analyze real-time customer purchasing trends as well as to push promotions and incentives to the customer at the point of sale in real time.

With an open API, developers can create customized solutions that will drive usage of proprietary cards, allow small and mid-Tier merchants connect to FreeWay™, or even build promotions that will benefit the customers who buy products from specific manufacturers.

Jim Clay, Senior Software Developer of DIS Corporation, says, “Our experience working with FreedomPay’s Support Team to implement the Developer’s Kit was excellent. The technical support offered by FreedomPay is first-class. This level of service and quality is key for future collaboration between DIS and FreedomPay.”

Cozetta Finley, Director of Operations, Basic Software Systems, says, “The use of XML as the development interface combined with the expertise of the FreedomPay Team is truly an add-value when considering a payment partner. FreedomPay delivers on both, providing an excellent opportunity for third-party development teams to produce world-class, cost-effective, and secure payment products satisfying the rigors of the Payment Card Industry.”

For more information, contact Enterprise Sales at FreedomPay at 877.888.8430.

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