Posted September 17, 2014 by 20nine

FreedomPay enables Apple Pay for PCI-Validated P2PE transactions

Radnor, PA – September 17, 2014 – FreedomPay Commerce Platform offers merchants the most complete PCI-Validated P2PE solution that accepts payment via NFC mobile wallets, EMV cards and traditional credit/debit transactions.

Merchants are facing growing challenges to offer customers a secure and convenient way to pay.  With new payments services like Apple Pay driving consumer adoption, merchants are forced to upgrade equipment or not accept certain payment methods.  Migration to EMV cards is approaching in 2015 and many merchants are already investing in QR code and mobile barcode scanners at the point of sale.

FreedomPay Commerce Platform is broadly integrated with POS systems and technologies that allow individual merchants and enterprises a single platform to accept all traditional and emerging payment technologies, including via mobile, EMV and card not present.

FreedomPay’s point-to-point encryption solution (P2PE) utilizes Ingenico devices at the point of interaction to capture and encrypt payment data.  As a global leader in payment device manufacturing, the Ingenico devices are NFC-enabled and support EMV, signature capture and PIN debit transactions.

In August 2014, FreedomPay P2PE became North America’s first PCI-Validated solution that accepts NFC and EMV payments.