Posted October 01, 2014 by 20nine

Guckenheimer adopts integrated P2PE with FreedomPay and Digital Dining

The PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution from FreedomPay and Digital Dining accepts traditional credit and debit transactions, and is ready for EMV (chip and pin) and NFC (mobile) payments. 

Radnor, PA –  October 1, 2014 – Guckenheimer, a premier on-site corporate restaurant management and catering company is the first to launch the integrated FreedomPay-Digital Dining PCI-Validated P2PE solution.

The integrated system enables Guckenheimer to offer their clients the payment industry’s gold standard for security: PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption, with EMV and NFC-ready terminals, combined with the speed, ease of use and flexibility of Digital Dining’s POS system.

FreedomPay, the global payments technology and security leader, and Digital Dining, a leader in restaurant point of sale systems, have delivered an integrated POS system with P2PE that has been validated according to the strict standards of the PCI Security Council.

Because the transaction is processed completely outside of the merchant’s environment and validated according to PCI Security Standards, the merchant’s POS and network are 100 percent removed out of scope for PCI DSS Compliance.  This reduces the number of controls a merchant must document from 284 to just 19.

“The solution ensures that our guests’ data is safeguarded,” said Karla Lacey, Guckenheimer’s Chief Marketing Officer.  “With PCI-Validated P2PE giving our team a reduced compliance requirement to maintain, FreedomPay and Digital Dining have made it easy for Guckenheimer to focus on providing the best service for our guests.”

Said Andre Nataf of Digital Dining, “Delivering innovative and fully integrated solutions is how Digital Dining continually advances the user experience for our customers.”  He added, “The PCI-Validated P2PE solution with FreedomPay is the latest example of Digital Dining working with our merchants, partners and dealers to deliver the products that the market requires.”

Guckenheimer and other merchants using the integrated FreedomPay-Digital Dining solution will be able to continuously improve the customer experience by configuring new functionality and services, such as accepting Apple Pay and other emerging technologies.  Solutions include: Offers & Incentives, Loyalty Rewards, Nutrition and Wellness and Alternative Payments, such as stored value cards, RFID tags, gift cards and vouchers.


About Guckenheimer

Founded in 1963 in the heart of Silicon Valley, Guckenheimer was a pioneer in corporate dining by introducing restaurant-quality, locally sourced, organic and made from scratch meals to the burgeoning tech industry. Today, Guckenheimer maintains its legacy of “Nourishing Inspiration” in the workplace by offering restaurant quality food and unique-to-industry health and wellness programs.   All accounts are led by professional chefs with a focus on delicious food that supports high performance and well-being.  Visit Guckenheimer on Facebook or at http://www.guckenheimer.com.


About FreedomPay

The FreedomPay Commerce Platform is a multi-patented solution portfolio designed to enable companies to embrace current trends and accelerate innovation. FreedomPay delivers a high-performance, secure user experience driven from the cloud to any device, anytime, anywhere. The platform seamlessly bridges the gap across in-store, web and mobile by interconnecting POS systems, transaction hosts, incentive engines and other disparate systems to a cutting edge transaction superhighway. The FreedomPay Commerce Platform P2PE solution provides merchants complete payment data security, including EMV and NFC compliance, in accordance with the coveted certification from the PCI Security Standards Council. For more information, visit www.FreedomPay.com.


About Digital Dining

Since 1984, Digital Dining has been the leader in restaurant point of sales and management systems. Digital Dining offers the convenience of a handheld POS on an iPad, iPhone, iPod, and iPad Mini in a hybrid environment with conventional fixed terminals. Digital Dining is also great for table management, delivery, reservations, labor scheduling, inventory, and loyalty programs, with the most comprehensive, easy to use products in the industry.  For more, please visit www.digitaldining.com