Posted January 28, 2019 by FreedomPay

Payments innovator FreedomPay expands its Customer Centric Commerce solution to the UK and Europe

FreedomPay, the global leader in secure commerce technology for lodging, retail, restaurants, stadiums and other hospitality merchants, with a long history in secure innovative payments announces its business expansion plans. The first truly ‘open’ Customer Centric Commerce platform is set to help hundreds of thousands of businesses in UK and Europe transform their digital payment capabilities to serve customers faster, safer and smarter.

The FreedomPay Commerce Platform is a market leading payments technology that currently supports hundreds of thousands of sites in the U.S. across several sectors, including fast food stores, restaurants, hotels, airports, universities, casinos and stadiums. Customers include the world’s top five food service providers, top four gaming providers and the fourth largest e-commerce retailer.

This latest expansion brings full-scale omni-channel commerce capabilities to domestic and global businesses. FreedomPay’s technology seamlessly bridges the gap across in-store, web and mobile by connecting point of sale (POS) systems, payment processors, incentive engines and other disparate systems providing a truly open, easy to use solution.

For the first time, merchants in the UK and Europe will have access to all of FreedomPay’s platform capabilities, including the most secure PCI-Validated P2PE and tokenisation solutions that support both traditional and trending payments technologies such as EMV and Contactless.

“We see an enormous opportunity to enable merchants to offer a frictionless payment experience to their customers in the UK and other European countries. We are making payment simple, fast and smart and no company is giving the merchant total control over their payment system. We are excited to open up in Europe and deliver our unique, innovative capabilities to help businesses understand their customer’s behaviour and grow to create the jobs of the future,” said Tom Durovsik, Founder and CEO.

With a fully validated solution, FreedomPay gives merchants greater control while helping their enterprises ensure the security of their customer data and eliminate the many business risks associated with data breaches. FreedomPay was the first validated P2PE security solution in North America and the first-ever payments-based network in the cloud, boasting virtually 100% uptime for more than three years.

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, FreedomPay enables value-added services for its global partners by delivering capabilities to harness the power of exceedingly detailed data captured by FreedomPay’s patented payment, incentive and loyalty offerings. The solution simplifies payments for merchants while still being flexible and reliable enough to meet their complex and changing needs.

“Having a presence in the UK and Europe enables us to scale and deploy to new markets quickly. We are ready to drive the future of commerce and payments in this region as one of the first open payment platforms. We are delivering cutting-edge solutions to merchants to help them transform their digital payments” said Christopher Kronenthal, President and Chief Technology Officer.

FreedomPay’s solution can adapt to both legacy systems and those based on the very latest technologies.

About FreedomPay
FreedomPay, the industry’s first TransAtlantic payments solution, is driving the future of commerce and customer interaction. The FreedomPay Commerce Platform is the best way for merchants to simplify complex payment environments. FreedomPay is validated by the PCI Security Standards Council for Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), along with EMV, Tokenization, Contactless and DCC capabilities. Global leaders in retail, hospitality, gaming, education, healthcare and financial services trust FreedomPay to deliver unmatched security and advanced value added services. FreedomPay provides broad integrations across top point-of-sale, payment device manufacturers and payment processors, supported by rapid API adoption. For more information, please visit: www.freedompay.com