Posted September 09, 2008 by 20nine

U.S. Government Facilities Successfully Deploy Innovative Payment Solutions

Government Cafeterias Go Cashless with FreedomPay

September 9, 2008 – FreedomPay, a leading provider of payment management solutions, announced today that more than 20 Federal Agencies have implemented FreedomPay’s cashless solutions, making its products available to millions of government employees and visitors.

FreedomPay enables government installations to forgo cash management and the security and cost exposure of credit cards.

“The Federal Government is looking to reduce costs, eliminate inefficiencies and provide better employee services. FreedomPay delivers a simple solution to remove cash and the high cost of credit cards from their cafeteria and all on-site retailers,” stated Andrea Waldin, Vice President Marketing of FreedomPay.

“Key to our success with the government sector has been our ability to provide comprehensive and customizable solutions to fit each individual client’s unique payments needs,” continued Wabler. “The government benefits from streamlined processes –better speed of service, increased sales and robust reporting, while providing a value-add service to employees and guests.”

From point of sale integration and support, online ordering, payments management, settlement and member support, FreedomPay provides a proven solution that will eliminate cash from the onsite retail network. For the foodservice provider, check-out time is reduced up to 75%, slippage, fraud and reconciliation associated with cash are eliminated and the ability to create consolidated payments reporting and transparency is provided.

Specifically for government, FreedomPay is able to configure anonymous accounts, providing the necessary privacy, security and protection for employees’ information. FreedomPay integrates into existing access cards, employee badges and provides a broad array of funding options from payroll deduction to automatic ACH debit transfers.

For the employees, the safety, simplicity and convenience of never having to carry cash is tremendous. Employees benefit from online account management, speed of service and unique loyalty and reward programs.

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Andrea Waldin
VP, Marketing