Check Please! How Restaurant, Retail and Hospitality Businesses are Managing Cybersecurity Risks

An independent study commissioned by FreedomPay and Cornell reveals unique insights into the management of cybersecurity by small, medium, and large-size enterprises across the hospitality, retail, and food and beverage sectors.

Hanover Research recruited a total of 300 respondents through a panel and administered the survey online.

Their key questions include:
• What cybersecurity systems are merchants currently using?
• How optimized are their cybersecurity systems?
• What are the factors that are inhibiting them from moving from their current system to the optimal system?
• What are the expectations of and reassurances for customers?
• What are the underlying issues impacting cybersecurity issues?

This report is just a snapshot of views toward cybersecurity in America’s business eco-system. That said, we believe it illustrates the challenges, opinions and actions merchants of all sizes are facing. Download the report now to find out how cybersecurity is being tackled and prioritized as the world shrinks, and hackers and consumers become savvier.

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