The Next Level of Global Payments: Unleash the Power of Pay

In The Next Level of Global Payments: Unleash the Power of Pay, FreedomPay evaluates the current and future landscape and highlights key opportunities for elevating customer relationships and increasing profit margins internationally. Consumer expectations are changing, with speed, customization and convenience of checkout processes top of mind. The shift to online commerce through the pandemic has been largely sustained, so brick and mortar and eCommerce businesses must adopt non-traditional and innovative methods of engaging with customers. To stay relevant in today’s marketplace, merchants need to optimize every interaction with consumers by embracing innovation, prioritizing personalization, and delivering seamless omni-channel experiences across in-store, online and mobile platforms.

This report uses the PESTEL framework to outline strategies for security, safety, speed, simplicity, and satisfaction with service across borders, for merchants brave enough to transform their legacy systems by investing in new payments technology. From facilitating international payments to the adoption of touchless and contactless commerce and protecting customer data from increasing cyber threats, we set out a roadmap for executives of companies of all sizes and across verticals to meet milestones and surpass their objectives.

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