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FreedomPay is the engine inside the world’s expanding yet interconnected ecosystem of commerce. We make payments smarter. And utopian commerce possible.

If you’re looking for a highly reliable partner to help you harness the power of new commerce technologies, here we are. More specifically, we’ll capture data and turn it into business intelligence that can drive sales and productivity. Clients choose us because we’re experienced and smart, but nimble and service-oriented by design. You’ll find us agile, adaptive, urgent, and driven–in a good way.


We’re practical visionaries. And we’re on it.

Since our launch over a decade ago, FreedomPay has been a pioneer in transaction solutions, including mobile payments, cashless solutions, virtual and remote terminals, payment processing, intelligent analysis, routing of promotions, incentives and customer relationship management services. Simply put: We give you integrated access to technologies so you don’t get left behind.

  • 2000

    Founded with a vision of making payments smarter

  • 2001

    An early pioneer in mobile payments.

    • Led consortiums with McDonald's, Bank of America and Visa.

  • 2004

    Introduced first alternative payments network

    • Servicing the world's leading contract food service giants Aramark, Compass, Guckenheimer, and Sodexo

  • 2009

    Deployed Commerce Platform-as-a-Service V1.0; modular and in the cloud

    • Signed multi-billion dollar manufacturing and retail customer with over 2500 locations

  • 2010

    Commerce Platform V2.0 transforms payments into an information business

    • With the filing of several patents on the game-changing technology

  • 2011

    $1 Billion in incentives granted through the Commerce Platform

    • Payments + incentives seeing massive consumer demand

  • 2012

    Commerce Platform V3.0 expands to include mobile

    • Commerce patents granted: in-store, online and mobile

  • 2013

    Microsoft chooses FreedomPay as Commerce Platform Partner

  • 2014

    FreedomPay earns PCI-Validation for the first fully-functional P2PE solution in North America that includes support for EMV and NFC transactions

  • 2015

    FreedomPay launches fully integrated Commerce Platform for world’s largest hotel group in Gaming Industry

    • FreedomPay receives EMV certification on First Data for all card brands

  • 2016

    FreedomPay announces plans to relocate Corporate Headquarters to Center City Philadelphia.

    • Establishes UK/Europe international subsidiary.

  • 2017

    FreedomPay wins Citigroup’s 2017 Global Supply Chain Partner Award in recognition of its high levels of performance and service.

    • Announces Western Region office opening in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • 2018

    Introduced Trans-Atlantic Interconnected Commerce


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