Consumer Experience

Create end-to-end experiences that boost your brand.


Know your customers anywhere.

FreedomPay makes it easy to keep track of your customers’ identity, history and favorite incentives even when they switch channels—say, from credit card to social media to a mobile device. They can also personalize their information on each device. And the more personal that information is, the more likely they are to share it in social media.

Identity Management


Make your brand look brilliant.

Let us be the engine inside your commerce ecosystem.
The FreedomPay Commerce Platform enables you to promote your brand imagery, colors and logos, while providing your customers the peace of mind delivered by a secure purchase experience.

Branding Engine


Make it amazingly easy to buy.

With FreedomPay, customers can quickly and easily pay any number of ways, online or in-store. They can use our virtual wallet or yours. Adding these new technologies doesn’t have to be a massive investment, either. Our clients often integrate their legacy systems with our components, saving time and money in the process. FreedomPay now enables Apple Pay and Google Pay™.

Apple PayGoogle Pay™

Ready to start accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay™?

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*Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC
Payment Methods


Keep moving. Your customers are.

FreedomPay makes it easier than ever for your customers to keep spending with just a few taps of their mobiles, even when they’re on the go. You can also hyper-target incentives to spur instantaneous sales.


Make them happy. Make it simple.

With our flexible system, your customers just load their badges via kiosk or paycheck, tap and go. You can take phone payments, encourage healthier eating with incentive points, schedule meals, reduce fraud… it’s all possible.

Our goal is to help you turn electronic transactions into priceless business information. It’s a paradigm shift, all right, and here’s how we do it:

  • Switch

    Use one gateway to streamline every transaction.

  • Integration Library

    Boost your enterprise without re-engineering everything.

  • Security

    Ensure your compliance. Leverage our history.


Let us know about your business and we’ll be in touch.

Technical Support

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Member Support

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Media Relations

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