Posted February 27, 2023 by FreedomPay

Driving Purchase Decisions & Engagement with Chris Kronenthal

Customer loyalty is the cornerstone of merchant success across every vertical. FreedomPay President, Chris Kronenthal, offers insights on the role of data-driven personalization, from incentivizing purchases to targeted follow-up communications.

Driving purchase decisions

How do you get customers to come to your place of business, check out and make that purchase? Really focus on personalizing that experience, whether that’s through a discounting strategy or some type of loyalty or messaging campaign, as well as references to advertising right at the point of check out. 

When that customer comes in, can you give them an option on the screen that allows them to see branding or messaging to really drive their decision?


Once the customer has checked out, Business Intelligence comes in. This is our offering to understand all of the rich consumer data that we’ve been gathering throughout that checkout process. 

Then, the merchant uses it to study the customer’s behavior, to get them to come through that funnel more effectively each time.With Business Intelligence, merchants can leverage the power of Next Level Commerce™ to unleash a consumer-centric reality. FreedomPay’s sophisticated platform gives merchants actionable insights at the touch of a button. These empower businesses to segment their customer base and target them effectively with highly relevant rewards, discounts, and incentives.