Posted January 15, 2018 by FreedomPay

FreedomPay and Oracle Install Industry Leading Point-of-Sale Payment Solution for NYC’s Jacob Javits Center at NRF 2018 

FreedomPay, the leader in secure commerce technology for lodging, gaming, retail, restaurants, stadiums and other hospitality merchants, and Oracle, the leading enterprise and SMB SaaS provider, recently partnered to provide secure payment processing for conference attendees at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City. The project, which will be officially announced this week at NRF 2018, will involve the two companies integrating FreedomPay’s Advanced Commerce Platform with Oracle’s MICROS point-of-sale devices to provide full EMV support to the over 175 events annually that call the Javits Center home.

The Javits Center fulfills its mission as the Marketplace of the World by helping drive the economies of New York State and New York City, and by generating an impressive $1.5 billion in economic activity and supporting 14,000 jobs in the region. The upgrade by FreedomPay and Oracle will help the Javits Center better serve the thousands of people who cross its threshold every day.

The newly installed customer-facing devices and handheld pay-at-table devices, support both contact and contactless payments. This easy functionality enables patrons from anywhere in the world to easily use their local bank-issued payment cards. Contactless EMV support helps customer save valuable time by tapping their payment card on the reader instead of inserting their card into the device. The combined payment solution gives consumers the option to use the payment method they prefer.

The FreedomPay Advanced Commerce Platform is the first PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution with EMV, NFC, Dynamic Currency Conversion and real-time data capabilities that delivers on a global scale. With P2PE, valuable consumer payment data is protected from the moment the card is inserted into the MICROS point-of-sale device, in transit, and at rest in the merchant’s environment.

FreedomPay worked with the Oracle team in 2017 to successfully complete a similar installation at an NFL stadium in Santa Clara, California. The new payment upgrade project at the Javits Center emphasizes payment protection capabilities that FreedomPay and Oracle are delivering all over the United States. FreedomPay and Oracle secure payments for consumers across multiple industries throughout the country, including food and beverage, hospitality, retail and travel. The “Secured By FreedomPay” image appearing on the Oracle MICROS point-of-sale devices assures customers that their transactions are protected to exceed the most stringent payment transaction security requirements.

NRF 2018 attendees who spot the “Secured By FreedomPay” image on payment terminals within the Javits Center are encouraged to post a picture to their Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram using the hashtag #SecuredByFreedomPay for a chance to win $1,000!

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