Posted March 06, 2023 by FreedomPay

Life at FreedomPay

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Allan Moulds, SVP Human Resources at FreedomPay describes our approach to hiring and the company culture in this short Q and A session.

Q: How does FreedomPay attract such fantastic talent?

A: “Right now, in the market where you have so many tech companies scaling back, it really helps being a rapid growth company. A lot of people want to work for a company that’s growing versus shrinking. 

We have such a talented and technical workforce that people meet who we are and they just want to work with us. It comes down to, talent attracts talent.”

Q: Describe the company culture at FreedomPay

A: “Our company culture is really created by our diverse workforce. Our employees create the tone. We’re an established company with over 20 years of history, but we still hold on to that start-up mentality where it’s all hands on deck. Everyone can be a part of the goal.”

Q: How does FreedomPay approach diversity, equity, and inclusion?

A: “In terms of diversity, here at FreedomPay, we really try to attract people of very different thought, whether that be across gender, ethnicity, race, age, education level. We have a lot of women in tech who are leading the way. We’ve got a lot of leaders from different diverse groups that help create a better workspace for everybody and make it a really inclusive environment.” 

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