Posted March 25, 2014 by FreedomPay

Pretty Pennies – The Toll Security Breaches Take on Brand Loyalty

Every retailer knows that customer loyalty and trust are fundamental, but it becomes increasingly important when a merchant sells high-end, luxury goods.

A discerning customer of luxury brands expects exceptional service from the minute they walk in the door, view a website or engage an app until the purchase point and the item delivery.

But in today’s omni-channel world, being able to provide the finest experience doesn’t end there.

And given the desire for the best in everything, imagine the ensuing havoc when a luxury merchant experiences the worst – a breach in consumer confidence.

Should a breach occur due to a delayed or inaccurate shipment or, worse, by hacked financial and personal data, it potentially can cause irreversible damage to a customer’s loyalty. The risk of the latter can damage a merchant’s bottom line should the breach be widespread, considering the likely smaller customer base.

Given recent events, the moment of payment has proven to be critical, while playing one of the most important and often-overlooked experiences in the retail world. Protecting bottom lines is now a matter of paramount concern, so investing in a well-rounded, secure commerce platform should be a priority.

Here at FreedomPay, we not only understand what drives the consumer but what powers the merchant. Accordingly, we offer a secure commerce platform that delivers laser-targeted offers to consumers and powerful data and analytics for merchants who want to stay on top of their game.

Our robust platform provides a merchant all they need to ensure the payment portion of their ecosystem doesn’t fail consumer expectations, while simultaneously driving revenue growth across all retail channels.

Concerned that your payment platform might fail in the line of fire? Contact us to determine if your platform can ensure that your brand never lets your customers down.