Posted October 31, 2019 by FreedomPay

Turn Your POS Into A Revenue Boosting Content Platform

More than two decades ago, Microsoft’s Bill Gates declared of the internet “content is king”. That statement still resonates today, even more so, with the prevalence of smart devices, social media and ‘anywhere’ connectivity.

For those who own, or can provide access to, a consumer-facing ‘content channel’, there’s now a massive opportunity to generate revenue from organizations looking to push content that persuades consumers to buy.

Whether you operate a retail outlet, stadium, hotel, theme park or even a university campus, chances are you already have a physical POS estate, with terminals that are packed with sales processing power, full color displays and even multi-media capability. You may not realize it but these integrated online and mobile checkouts, represent a rich new channel of opportunity and revenue.

Having spent your hard-earned profit building a great customer UX at the sales point, it makes sense to try to generate as much return on your investment as you can. That means finding new ways to drive extra revenue and, with FreedomPay’s DecisionPoint Network™ (DPN), it may be easier than you think.

Get your POS working harder

DPN lets you reimagine the role of the POS. Thinking beyond simple acceptance and transforming checkout as an end to end marketing platform. One that can enhance the customer experience with targeted advertising and special event notifications. DPN enables the POS to deliver persuasive branding and advertising in real-time at the exact moment customers are ready to buy.

With little effort, you can turn your sales point into a highly targeted digital advertising channel that generates revenue for you and your partners. It won’t impact your compliance or security as DPN is offered as a component of FreedomPay’s fully PCI Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution, which facilitates secure and fast onsite payments.

You can leverage DPN to improve your own experience – with sample ad messaging, to launch emerging technology-accepted methods of payment, new products/merchandise offerings, live discounts/offers, and redeem reward points at payment check out. DPN also allows third-party advertisers to purchase space on your POS too.

Real-time ads and content at the POS

The POS provides a dedicated content network that spans many retailers, reaching hundreds of millions of consumers every day. Not when they are watching TV, browsing the internet or on the street (when they are distracted, and their concentration is low) but when they are 100% focused and in buying mode, right at the decision point.

Unlike other digital channels, advertising on the POS gives brands 100% share of voice and 100% viewability with ad-exposure times of 10-15 seconds, all in a brand safe environment with no risk of ad fraud and ad blocking.

DPN makes it easy for advertisers to target ads, exploiting your POS estate to effectively influence conversion/upsell opportunity. At the same time, it enhances your customer experience and provides you with a lucrative revenue stream. What’s not to love?

By delivering content at the checkout, it’s clear that you can deepen your customer relationships, drive loyalty and increase average order value (AOV) by communicating targeted discounts, and offers in real-time. It really is true, content is king, and thanks to DPN you can now use it to reap royal rewards!

Cedric Lourie, Director of Digital Development for FreedomPay, follows how digital media continues to develop creative methods of advertising and unpacks what is worrying marketers in today’s content-driven climate in this podcast.