Posted August 25, 2022 by FreedomPay

Women in Technology: Laura McGuigan

FreedomPay’s Women in Technology series aims to inspire ambitious women to consider STEM careers and encourage them to take on leadership responsibilities by giving strong, successful, and passionate women a platform to share their stories. 

Over half of women feel that having role models working in Tech (52%) and inclusive, supportive company cultures (51%) can incentivize more people like them to consider careers in STEM. This could increase the 28% female share of the sector’s workforce.

Laura McGuigan is Manager of Strategic Accounts at FreedomPay. Laura joined FreedomPay in August 2016. Laura shares her journey as a woman in Tech from a non-Tech background, balancing her roles as a Team Leader and a working mom of two. 

What does your role at FreedomPay involve?
I manage the Strategic Accounts Team at FreedomPay. We assist our clients with a multitude of unique and varied responsibilities. These range from onboarding hundreds to thousands of clients to our platform and acting as their main point of contact with FreedomPay, to suggesting solutions and innovative strategies to enhance their Tech experience. Our team prides itself on building strong, lasting relationships with our clients through optimal customer service. 

How did you get into Tech? 
I went to Penn State University and graduated with a Business Management degree. After college, I worked for a year at a staffing agency as a Recruiter. The division that recruited for Tech roles sat behind me, and I’d hear them speak with candidates about the sector’s endless opportunities. This peaked my interest in  a career in Technology. 

At the same time, my brother was interning at FreedomPay. He told me that the company was growing fast and hiring for a range of positions. He advised me to check them out.

In 2016, I started at FreedomPay as a Partner Channel Specialist. This was a data entry-centric role, helping train and onboard partners to our platform. Through building relationships  as our partners’ main point of contact, I grew into an Account Manager on the Partner team.

Do you have any advice for girls and women that are hoping to succeed in technology and other STEM careers?
Just go for it! Be confident in yourself and your abilities, don’t be intimidated, and – most importantly – follow your gut.  

I have a four-year-old daughter and I want her to know that she can grow up to be anything that she wants to be. She is one of the reasons that I work so hard in this industry. I want her to see that I started off as a Channel Partner Specialist and  manage a team and work in a beautiful skyscraper in the city, six years later. I want her and all girls of her age and generation to know that the opportunities are endless.

Do you have any role models that are women in STEM careers?
Yes, Sheryl Sandberg. She became the COO of Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) in 2008, and was appointed as the first woman on its Board of Directors in 2012. Sheryl advocates for gender equality and has written about women in the workplace, highlighting how we, as women, stand on the shoulders of women that came before us. I’ve always looked up to her. She leads a majorly successful company in the Tech world and inspires me in my career journey. 

How would you describe the culture at FreedomPay?
Firstly, motivating. Everyone here is very inspiring which encourages you to work hard. If you put in the effort, you’ll grow and see the benefits. 

Secondly, innovative. We’re always developing new products and offerings for our clients. Since 2016, we’ve grown astronomically, and it’s because of  the tremendous talents that FreedomPay employees possess. We only hire the best of the best.

Thirdly, collaborative. We work as a team. Success takes a village, not just one individual’s achievements. These strong internal relationships are key to fostering success with our clients.

Finally, why should women candidates choose FreedomPay?
We need more fantastic women at FreedomPay to join the company as we continue to grow, reducing the gender gap in Tech. FreedomPay has been nothing but supportive of me and my professional development during my career here. I know that if more hardworking, passionate, motivated women join us, they will have the same positive experience. 

Thank you, Laura!

Are you interested in joining FreedomPay? We’re hiring. Visit our careers page today. FreedomPay is an equal opportunities employer, motivated to hire women and other underrepresented groups in STEM.