Gaming A casino payments platform that delivers commerce connectivity

Top 5 FreedomPay works with all five of the world-leading hospitality gaming brands
80% Scope reduction our customers receive with a PCI-Validated P2PE solution
1 Number of connection points you need to run gaming and hospitality payments
0 Additional cost of enabling DCC, eDCC, online fraud, tokenization and interchange optimization on our platform
365 Days a year our technical and operations teams are available to support your business

Next Level Commerce™ leaves
nothing to chance.

Addressing the complexity of a gaming ecosystem requires IT and finance managers to implement technologies that are more secure and fully integrated across the enterprise. Such an intricate environment as varied as the front desk to the parking garage, the restaurant to the coffee shop, and the call center to the IT office needs a cohesive solution to make it easier to manage. That’s just the hospitality side. Now add in online gambling, sports betting, cage functions, cash access, and a relentless pursuit of a single wallet and digital payment options – now you’re talking Next Level Commerce™.

FreedomPay’s commerce platform can seamlessly tie together a consumer’s enterprise identity, a multitude of payment options and acquirers, and multiple point of sale/transaction providers into a single view of your ecosystem. Track consumers across your estate, engage with them with earn and redeem programs across your checkout points and expand that to your partner businesses as well. Never before have hospitality gaming providers been enabled to understand, empower and delight their VIP guests.

iGaming and Sports Betting

FreedomPay’s eCommerce capabilities are world-leading, and combined with our disbursement, payment methods and fraud options – retail, online and SBT providers need look no further.


Accepting credit and debit payment methods, whilst reducing PCI compliance with our Validated P2PE options for kiosks makes lottery functions a breeze.


Digital wallets, single points bucket and seamless funding with available payment methods, whilst connecting with hospitality activities are all possible with Next Level Commerce™.

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