Unattended Get Next Level Commerce by Implementing Unattended
Retail Solutions

Unattended solutions are often left… unattended. Don’t leave your kiosk or similar solutions off to the side. Bring them in as a fully integrated part of your larger payments ecosystem. Whether it is parking, ticketing, transportation, retail, food-based or otherwise, semi and fully unattended solutions should benefit similarly to your other aspects of business – choice, and consumer centric decision making.

With Next Level Commerce™ by FreedomPay, we can help drive consumer purchasing behavior at the point of interaction and checkout, seamlessly tie your unattended options in with your attending options, and also drive down your compliance and acceptance costs. No longer do you need to couple telemetry or acquiring with unattended solutions; the power of the platform ensures the most flexible payment options, least amount of overhead from security and compliance, as well as a full view of consumer behavior and how you can maximize the rest of your estate. Indoor, outdoor, it’s all here.

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