Posted March 20, 2023 by FreedomPay

Cedric Lourie: Streamlining Checkout Processes And Partner Relationships to Exceed Customer Demands

Cedric Lourie, Vice President of Digital Development at FreedomPay, outlines the value of alternative, digital payment methods and the partners who enable them.

Consumer demand for innovation at checkout is booming. Merchants wishing to meet and exceed customer and guest expectations must offer them choice and ease of use through increased functionality. 

Very few merchants want to invest their time, talent, and resources into developing one-on-one relationships with the providers of each new functionality and integration they enable.  

FreedomPay seeks out and partners with third party providers of the alternative technologies that interest the merchants who choose our Next Level Commerce™ platform. We empower merchants to optimize their customer journeys with our agnostic, one-stop solution.

Perhaps your partner of choice is an industry giant such as PayPal, Klarna, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Maybe you wish to establish additional functionalities such as payment with loyalty points, Pay by Link, QR code transactions, or gift card enablement. 

Whatever your plan is for your business, FreedomPay can help you integrate with ease to Unleash the Power of Pay